Paid Ad Campaigns

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Are you a performance-driven individual who likes the idea of paying to win and getting ahead of the competition? If so you may want to check out our Paid Ad Campaigns geared towards your target demographic.

Pay Less for Ads from This Era

Print was replaced by radio, which was replaced by TV, which was replaced by the internet…

Why pay more money for outdated methods of reaching your customers? With digital ad campaigns, you get what you pay for. Looking to funnel more traffic to your website from your Facebook page to increase sales? Then you only pay per click to your website. Maybe you want to increase your brand awareness? Only pay a cost per impression that you get. With print, radio, and television you pay a flat rate for your ad and you have little way of knowing exactly how effective it is, who it reached, or who ended up buying as a result. With digital advertising not only does your money go directly to your advertising goals, but you also get full data analytics on each ad.

Target your Ideal Customer

Your perfect customer is out there looking for your services, too bad they can’t find them.

Paid advertising can target specific customers you are trying to reach, so why not get your message in front of them? Whether you are looking for males or females, certain age groups, interests, or specific locations we can make sure that your target demographic is viewing the ad that was custom made just for them. By doing so you not only take the fast track that organic growth simply cannot match, but you are also taking the proper steps to increase your qualified leads and conversions as a result.

Social Media Retargeting

Maybe you are trying to land that one that got away?

Retargeting involves running ads that are targeted to prospective customers who may have already visited your physical location, website, or socials. Retargeting ads can be previous ads that you have used or completely new ads made for specific customers based on the nature of their visit. An example would be dynamic ads, or ads that automatically show your customer the most relevant products/services for them based on their shopping cart, time spent on pages, and other actions they have taken.

Get Started Today

Advertising online doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help you get started.